Correct Posture When Playing the Piano

Center the piano bench to the width of the keyboard. The bench must face the piano squarely. Sit toward the front half of the bench. Relax your feet and keep them flat on the ground from heel to toe. Keep your weight centered on your buttocks. Relax your shoulders and arms, keep your back straight, and sit so that you can smoothly move everything up to your fingertips.

It is difficult to play with your wrists and elbows positioned much lower than the keyboard. Adjust the height of the piano bench so that your elbows are almost level with the keyboard.

Bench at appropriate height

Bench at incorrect height

Place both hands on the keyboard. Imagine holding an egg in the palm of your hand. This is the correct hand posture while playing. It relaxes the hands and allows you to play smoothly.

Correct positioning of the hands

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