YOB-441MT Intermediate Oboe

New versatile "American" style oboes for comfortable playing

"441" series has renewed with additional keys and functions to increase comfortability in performance. One of the additions is the third octave key, as it is indicated the new series name "441T." The improvement helps players perform various musical pieces without stress or difficulty.

"Duet+" upper joint

"Duet+" is a patented technology of Yamaha. The wooden inner bore and tone holes are coated with ABS-resin. This prevents moisture from soaking into the wooden body, making it durable despite changes in temperature or humidity. It is designed to preserve as much as 90% of the wooden portion, so it keeps the sound and resonance of the wooden body.

YOB-441MT Intermediate Oboe

Intermediate "American" style oboes with a "Duet+" body.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.