Put the expressive power of your whole body into your live performance—anywhere, any time

The Electone ELA-1 is a portable keyboard that gives you the expressive power to enjoy making a musical impact wherever you’re performing live, through nuanced keyboard playing, dynamic pedal bass, your smile, and even your singing.

Powerful performance that lets you show off your playing using your whole body

Three keyboards for expanded playability

The ELA-1 is equipped with three independent keyboards for melody, harmony, and bass respectively. These keyboards give you more freedom for a versatile performance.

Live Expression Control for freely expressing the nuances you want to convey

Over 75 effects and functions can be assigned to the two expression pedals and two footswitches for real-time control, letting you express the emotions you want to convey, every time.

Connect a microphone to sing and talk

The ELA-1 features a microphone input jack. Simply connect a microphone to hear your vocals along with the sounds of what you’re playing on the keyboard through the built-in speakers at the same time. This opens up possibilities for singing along as you play, or for onstage banter.

An extensive array of carefully-crafted sounds to take your expressive capabilities to the next level


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The ELA-1 is well-stocked with a full range of over 900 different Voice. Enjoy creating a wide range of sounds including Super Articulation Voices that express the breathing and nuances unique to each instrument, Combination Voices that add depth to performances, Organ flutes, and much more.

Adaptive Styles

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The ELA-1 features 450 different Styles (automatic accompaniment) that are suitable for all kinds of genres to stimulate your creativity. The ELA-1 also features “Adaptive Styles,” in which the built-in smart engine controls the accompaniment by automatically analyzing your performance.

Unison & Accent

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Control the accompaniment band just as you like, to add spice to your playing with dynamic flair and liven up your performance right when you want.

Even more fun and easier to use

Portable design, easy to transport

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The ELA-1 features a portable design, as the main unit, base unit, stand and chair are easy to disassemble and carry. Take this instrument wherever you want to play.

Bass reflex port for powerful bass reproduction

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In addition to two-way speakers, a bass reflex port is installed on the front of the instrument for a compact design that doesn’t skimp on sound quality, allowing you to beef up your groove with a powerful low end.

Easy-to-read color display

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The ELA-1 features an easy-to-read 4.3-inch TFT color display. This lets you focus on your music without stress, whether performing on stage or creating sounds at home.

Capture your performance with the app for an even wider audience

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ELA-1 is compatible with the “Rec'n'Share” smartphone app, which lets you bring your performance to an even larger audience. By connecting to a smart device, your performance, voice, and facial expressions can be captured in video with noiseless, high-quality sound and shared via social media.

Broaden your sonic world with Expansion Packs

Adding extra memory to the ELA-1 lets you add new Voices and Styles with various Expansion Packs and further broaden your performance.

Let your music take you to new places

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize the ELA-1 with a wide range of additional content from all over the world. When loaded into the keyboard, you can instantly access authentic new sounds, rhythms and backing in the musical style of your choice.

Use Yamaha Expansion Manager to create individual expansion data sets containing content from various packs.

With Yamaha Expansion Manager, you can manage Voice, Style, Registration, and other contents, select your favorites and create a Personal Pack, efficiently using the instrument’s on-board memory.


RSP RM 9,190 (West Malaysia) RSP RM 9,650 (East Malaysia)

The ELA-1 is designed for powerful live performances using your whole body, that you can enjoy anywhere. The portable, compact body with high-quality sound and excellent usability offers the joy of performance to everyone.

  • Three keyboards, two expression pedals, and two footswitches
  • 4.3-inch color LCD with Chinese/English language support
  • Two-way speakers with bass reflex ports
  • 919 Voices (including 67 Super Articulation Voices) and 43 Drum/SFX kits, 480 XG Voices
  • 450 Styles, including 69 Adaptive Styles: 405 Pro, 34 Session, 10 DJ, 1 Free Play
  • Unison & Accent to let Styles playback follow your performance
  • Portable design
  • Compatibility with Rec'n'Share apps and mic input
  • Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
  • 100 MB onboard memory for expansion data

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.