Educational institutions come in many forms such as kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, universities, or art schools, and the educational sphere continues to change moment to moment due to rapid globalization and digitalization. For example, lessons today place more emphasis on problem-solving than knowledge, and lesson formats where students can participate on their own initiative have become more prevalent, such as remote lessons that utilize ICT and discussions based on an active learning approach. As a result, how well participants can hear lesson content is emphasized more in educational settings than ever before, making clear and pleasant audio that doesn’t cut out abrasively, crucial in ensuring that all students can get the most out of their learning experience. The key to achieving safe, ideal remote communication via ICT lies in creating an authentic audio environment where it feels like the person you are talking to is in the same room.

We offer flexible audio environments tailored to the size and purpose of a space, whether it’s a small classroom or large hall that can accommodate artistic performances or events. As a one-stop brand, Yamaha is in a unique position to offer ideal solutions based on years of experience developing industry standard audio and network products, as well as creating design proposals for theaters and other venues.

Professional audio technology that supports hybrid lessons

Yamaha is an audio specialist with more than a century of experience designing hall acoustics and manufacturing an extensive range of musical instruments and audio equipment. From input to output, we offer borderless solutions that blur the line between on-site and online education and can be matched to different spaces and budgets. Noise-free, crystal-clear sound is imperative not only in the classroom, but also for listening to archival material and course content that stimulates a students’ desire to learn.

Clear, high-quality audio minus the stress

Teachers and instructors no longer need to come 20 minutes before a lesson to contend with complex setup and operation of audio equipment. In some cases, they don’t even need to use a microphone to be heard clearly and uniformly by all students, regardless of where they stand or where the podium is. What we offer is a new type of audio environment that lets instructors focus solely on their role as an educator without the stress of having to set up and operate equipment.

A Comprehensive speaker lineup to accommodate everything from small classrooms to large lecture halls

Yamaha and its subsidiary NEXO have developed an expansive lineup of speaker systems capable of covering everything from small to large classrooms, to sizeable lecture halls. Easy to handle in the classroom, our portable systems feature powerful speakers that enable lectures and speeches to be heard clearly even in the back seats of large halls. We also have a versatile range of speakers designed to blend in with the atmosphere of auxiliary facilities such as cafeterias to create comfortable, pleasing sonic environments in any location.

Achieving optimal acoustics tailored to specific purposes

Acoustics are a particularly important element in drama, vocal, and other performative lessons. Normally, the acoustics of a room are determined when the building is built and cannot be changed afterward. However, Yamaha’s proprietary sound field enhancement system, AFC Enhance, gives users a flexible solution to control acoustic response beyond an environment’s physical dimensions and limitations. Because you can optimize the acoustics of a space in accordance with the type of program or style of instruction, the enhanced sound quality will elevate both student and instructors’ performances, greatly improving the quality of performative art education in general.

Assured security

With dedicated functions to prevent information leaks or unauthorized persons from listening in on lessons, you can use the remote communication system for important meetings between instructors without worry.

1. Small Sized Classroom

The perfect plug-and-play solution for small-scale distance learning. The microphone and speaker come as a single unit for easy carrying. SoundCap technology provides clear audio even in noisy environments.

2. Mid-Sized Classroom

Delivers the voices of the presenter and audience clearly to other students far away. The separate speaker and microphone setup offers excellent portability and scalability, and connectivity to a PC via a simple USB connection. The teacher’s voice can also be amplified, serving to provide high-quality classes, even in remote locations.

3. Lecture Hall

Dante-enabled digital mixer to flexibly support large-scale systems. The vertical connection of line array speakers saves space and accurately covers a wide area.

4. Meeting Room

It is very important that all participants hear the presenter clearly. A voice lift system can be flexibly adapted to a room with depth by installing additional ceiling speakers. So this system is suitable for large rooms where sound needs to be amplified.

5. Cafeteria

This system is comprised of an MA2030a compact power amplifier connected to microphones for events and announcements, as well as audio playback devices for background music. For larger spaces requiring greater output levels, the system can be expanded easily by adding more speakers powered by a PA2030a amplifier. The volume controls of the two amplifiers can be interlocked and adjusted simultaneously, making it possible to control the entire system’s output level with a single adjustment. Adding a DCP1V4S wall-mounted controller can provide even greater ease of operation and more convenient control of your system.

6. Auditorium

Constructing a system centered on a Dante-compatible mixer also allows flexible support for venues such as auditorium. The CZR series offers both high sound quality and powerful output, and allows horn rotation for optimal coverage whether installed vertically or horizontally. The PC-D series comes equipped with CZR series presets for easy configuration of ideal DSP settings.

7. Theater

This is a complete sound system that can service the main hall of a theater and its ancillary facilities. The main hall features a RIVAGE PM console providing premium sound quality and outstanding operability, and also features dedicated functions specifically for theatrical performances. The main hall system is rounded out by powerful NEXO STM array speakers that deliver clear and consistent sound to the audience, while the ancillary areas rely on a matrix system featuring a DME7 processor for flexible routing and comfortable mixes of live performances, background music and more. All audio connections are redundant, providing the reliability and peace of mind that is crucial for performance-related applications.

8. Small Events

The cafeteria where employees refresh their minds needs nice music. Yamaha sound systems used in many cafeterias and restaurants help create a comfortable space.

9. Production Room for On-Demand Classes

With the gradual increase in opportunities for companies to transmit information directly to customer, such as webinars and live commerce. The TF1 is an all-in-one mixer with a wealth of functions and input/output terminals in a compact housing. The TF1 can be used to send audio to a switcher or other devices, or it can be used with a USB audio interface to send audio directly to a PC.

Other Solutions