Age range: 6 years and above

Whether you want to effortlessly sing cool harmonies, or command a spotlighted stage with your vocals – Yamaha has just the singing style you’re looking for, and we offer the comprehensive vocal curriculum to fulfill your desires. All of our courses are not only based around original curriculum and teaching materials we’ve developed through more than 60-years’ experience, but they also use commercially available song collections, and give you rewarding lessons by instructors who have improved their skills through Yamaha’s own auditions and training. Starting with basic training, you will soon master vocal techniques while having fun singing songs in various genres. Yamaha Music School knows how to motivate you to want to sing.


  • Understand various music styles and vocal techniques
  • Development of the student’s musical sense
  • Development of the student’s sense of tempo, rhythm and steps
  • Enhance student’s aural ability and the ability to sing tones by hearing
  • Development of sight singing ability

Students will experience:

  • Sense of interval and tempo, ability to sing expressively and learning more musical terms to enhance the aural ability
  • Aural training to sing by note names
  • Various vocal style and techniques

Course Information:

Class Length

Individual 30 Minutes; Group 60 Minutes

Course Length

1 – 2 years

Parent Participation

Not Required

Class Type

Individual or Group

Assessment Type

Yamaha Vocal Grade 10 - 6 Exams


Textbook and online streaming materials

Cost Per Lesson

From RM 205 per month (group)
From RM 227 per month (individual)

Learning Material with Vocal Fundamentals

For those who want to enjoy singing casually, or learn basic techniques. Beginning with fundamental vocal training, we give you the tools to develop various singing techniques. In order to be able to express music rhythmically, you can develop a sense of rhythm and acquire a set of comprehensive skills, which gives you increasing confidence in your singing. The lesson songs you work on begin with arrangements that are easy to sing, and are designed to become more advanced, step-by-step, as you learn the skills – getting you to fully enjoy practicing along with accompaniment data.

Interval Exercise Sample 01

Interval Exercise Sample 02 

Interval Exercise Sample 01

Interval Exercise Sample 02 

Learning Material with Advanced Vocal Techniques

For those who want to sing more impressively, and those who enjoy attending lessons. We’ve prepared different exercises for each important technical element. By focusing on the skills you need to improve, we help you take and master growth steps that suit your abilities. With this, you’ll solidify your technical foundations, such as singing songs that require more advanced vocal techniques. And as you learn, you’ll develop the ability to emotionally express yourself in songs.

Melody Exercise Sample 01

Pronunciation Exercise Sample 01

Melody Exercise Sample 01

Pronunciation Exercise Sample 01

Yamaha’s Unique Program

1. Printed Lesson Material + Streaming Audio

Yamaha’s unique curriculum has been designed with the philosophy of wanting everyone to enjoy music. Our instruction is based around original curriculum and teaching materials we’ve developed through more than 60-years’ experience. We also offer realistic audio accompaniment developed exclusively for our lessons that you can play along with, like in live performances, and for home practice.

2. Individual, Group and Online Lesson Styles

Our lesson formats are tailored to the course, from group lessons (held with an appropriately small number of students) where you can relax with your fellow students having the same interests and enjoy ensemble playing, as well as individual lessons that progress according to your personal wishes and goals, and online lessons where you can receive instruction without going to the lesson venue (suitable online environment required).

3. Yamaha Grade Examination

Yamaha Grade Examinations help you as a music learner to confirm your musical abilities and encourage you to gain well-rounded musical skills, so that you can fully enjoy creating and performing music.

4. Concert

We hold special presentations and events for each classroom and course as an opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills you’ve gained in the lessons. The pleasantly tense excitement of the performance and the sense of fulfillment it creates are invaluable.