Acoustic / Electric / Bass Guitar and Ukulele

Acoustic / Electric / Bass Guitar and Ukulele

Age range: 6 years old and above

This course aims to cultivate students’ richer musical expressions, essential basic playing techniques, musical knowledge and music reading skills in order to enjoy playing the acoustic / electric / bass guitar or ukulele as a beginner.

  • Acoustic Guitar

    Age range: 12 years and above


    • Understand and grasp acoustic guitar playing techniques in a relaxed and steady manner
    • Learn new chords
    • Learn various playing styles
    • Understand the position of the notes
    • Understanding of keys through scales
    • Understanding of chords and improving performance techniques through the experience of chord progressions that are commonly used in popular pieces

    Students will experience:

    • The correct form of holding the chords
    • The technical element of strumming and the rhythmic aspect of strumming
    • Finger picking which focuses on playing techniques of using right hand fingers by mastering the arpeggio patterns
    • Duet and trio playing through exercises

  • Electric Guitar

    Age range: 12 years and above


    • Learn various types of chord forms, position, and how to hold the chords
    • Understand scale movements and finger positioning, musical sense and finger dexterity
    • Master various techniques such as bend and hammering on
    • Learn various styles of rock through chords, scales, rock guitar phrases and riffs exercises

    Students will experience:

    • Basic rock guitar playing techniques
    • Improvement on performance techniques and deeper understanding of keys
    • Application of lessons learned throughout the chapters

  • Bass Guitar

    Age range: 12 years and above


    • Learn various bass playing techniques
    • Learn various styles of music involving a bass guitar
    • Understand the role of a bassist in a band

    Students will experience:

    • All kinds of bass techniques
    • Becoming an effective bassist in a band

  • Ukulele

    Age range: 6 years and above


    • Learn chord playing, melody playing and solo playing
    • Learn to play various music styles such as pop, rock, jazz and Hawaiian
    • Understanding of chords, left hand form and right hand strumming techniques

    Students will experience:

    • Chord playing technique, melody playing technique and solo playing technique
    • Ensemble playing

Course Information:

Class Length

Individual 30 Minutes; Group 60 Minutes

Course Length

2 – 3 years

Parent Participation

Not Required

Class Type

Individual or Group

Assessment Type

Yamaha Electric Guitar Grade 10 – 6 Exams (for Electric Guitar course only)


Textbook and online streaming materials

Cost Per Lesson

From RM 205 per month (group)
From RM 227 per month (individual)

"Autumn Leaves" by Joseph Kosma, guitar cover by Yamaha Music School student, Mohd Shahzwan

Yamaha’s Unique Program

1. Printed Lesson Material + Streaming Audio

Yamaha’s unique curriculum has been designed with the philosophy of wanting everyone to enjoy music. Our instruction is based around original curriculum and teaching materials we’ve developed through more than 60-years’ experience. We also offer realistic audio accompaniment developed exclusively for our lessons that you can play along with, like in live performances, and for home practice.

2. Individual, Group and Online Lesson Styles

Our lesson formats are tailored to the course, from group lessons (held with an appropriately small number of students) where you can relax with your fellow students having the same interests and enjoy ensemble playing, as well as individual lessons that progress according to your personal wishes and goals, and online lessons where you can receive instruction without going to the lesson venue (suitable online environment required).

3. Yamaha Grade Examination

Yamaha Grade Examinations help you as a music learner to confirm your musical abilities and encourage you to gain well-rounded musical skills, so that you can fully enjoy creating and performing music.

4. Concert

We hold special presentations and events for each classroom and course as an opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills you’ve gained in the lessons. The pleasantly tense excitement of the performance and the sense of fulfillment it creates are invaluable.