50 Years of Music Education Excellence

50 Years of Music Education Excellence

From the earliest days of human history, music has been one of the most natural and artistic forms of human expression. It has moved the hearts and minds of people throughout the ages. Yamaha Music strives to convey the joy of music across cultural and national boundaries, and to enhance the sensibility that allows people freedom of expression through music. At Yamaha Music School, we believe music is for everyone.

It is never too early to start, so our courses are fun-filled and enriching. Yamaha’s music curriculum is designed to engage pre-schoolers and school-age children so that they develop a life-long love for music. After extensive and practical experiments, the present Yamaha Music Education System, embodying our own methods, was established with the objective of bringing out children’s potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.

One of the features of the Yamaha Music Education System is the providence of a well-balanced program that combines listening, singing, playing, reading, writing and creating – developing a child’s comprehensive music skills for the future, from listening and singing to playing and composing. The fundamental goals of the Yamaha Music School are to discover the musicality that everyone is born with, to help develop the self-ability to create, play and enjoy music and to share the joy with others. The Yamaha Music School draws on its unique teaching methodology, with building on rich sensitivity and creativity.

Since launching almost 50 years ago, Yamaha Music Malaysia continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum and bringing out a child’s potential by nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music. Today, the Yamaha Music Education System remains part of the world’s largest music company and has developed into a globally recognized system with more than 650,000 students, 20,000 instructors and in over 40 countries.

Spreading the Joy of Music with Yamaha

Yamaha Music School Teacher shares her journey these years in our Yamaha Music School community