Venko Poromanski


Venko Poromanski

The groove in the sound of his band “TE” can be mainly connected to his sense for rhythm & timing and the ability to reproduce almost unplayable drum lines.

In 1996 he graduates the National Musical Academy. He has played in famous jazz formations, like “Tambu”, “Bells”, “Dynamite Brass Band” (1999-2000) and last but not least in the “Big Band” of the Bulgarian National Radio (1996-1999).

Venko had countless participations at international jazz festivals and competitions.

There have been recordings with Vasil Petrov, Theodosi Spasov, Roberta and many others; additionally he has worked as a session musician for popular Bulgarian bands and artists, such as “Atlas”, “Geronimo”, “Simeon Shterev”, “Kamelia Todorova” and “Ani Lozanova” and has had concerts with Mike Stern, Jon Lord, David Garfield and Frank Itt.

In May 2002 he took part in the Annual Drum-fest in Koblenz, Germany, together with his idols and teachers Steve Gadd, John J.R. Robinson, Luis Conte, Lenny Castro and others.

For two years in a row Venko was drummer of the home band of the Bulgarian “Music Idol” TV show. At this moment he plays in the home band of the “Ivan & Andrei Late Night Show”, Monday to Friday each week.