AG08 Live Streaming Mixer

Your Audience Awaits.

As the flagship model of Yamaha’s second-generation AG series lineup, the AG08 combines all the essential functionality of its predecessors with a versatile selection of practical new features to give you a powerful all-in-one streaming station. By integrating more flexible I/O and USB routing options, expanded foot switch functionality, as well as additional DSP effects and improved internal circuitry for class-leading sound, the AG08 is able to support an impressive depth of live streaming applications, as well as offline audio content creation. From single-user talking, gaming, ASMR, voice acting, or vocal/instrument performances, to multiple personnel applications even on the scale of a full-blown variety show, the real-world, real-time functionality of the AG08 will leave your audience wanting more.

Two Condenser Mic IN with Two Headphone OUT

Like the AG06MK2, both Channel 1 and 2 of the AG08 are equipped with phantom power to support condenser microphones that are favored amongst musicians and dialogue-driven content creators for their exceptional sensitivity and fidelity. You can also pan left and right with the AG08 Controller dedicated app for any kind of stereo microphones including ASMR microphones.

In addition, there are two independent headphone monitor channels for applications where two people are broadcasting a conversation or where there is someone other than the performers managing the audio.

  • Yamaha AG08: Two Condenser Mic IN with Two Headphone OUT
  • Yamaha AG08: Two Condenser Mic IN with Two Headphone OUT

Three Assignable Faders for Flexible USB IN/OUT

The signal from multiple apps on a USB-connected PC, or analog line inputs can be individually assigned to the faders for Channel 3/4, 5/6, or 7/8 of the AG08, allowing you to intuitively mix the LINE/USB audio signals via physical control of the faders. Conversely, three USB mixed outputs from the AG08 can be individually assigned to various apps on the PC via USB connection.

Combining these functions makes it easy to respond more flexibly in real time, for example sharing optimally mixed audio with chat partners or listeners during live chats and streaming.

What’s more, for ASIO-supported apps such as DAW software, the direct out from each input channel (Channels 1, 2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8) and three mixed channels can be used in parallel, enabling multi-channel recording even during live streams.

  • Yamaha AG08: Three Assignable Faders for Flexible USB IN/OUT
  • Yamaha AG08: Three Assignable Faders for Flexible USB IN/OUT

Four Effect Preset Buttons for CH1

Yamaha AG08: Four Effect Preset Buttons for CH1

The four effect preset buttons on the bottom left of the AG08 console allow you to seamlessly switch between customized effect presets for Channel 1 on the fly. This gives users versatile, real-time control to add just the right amount of effect—including the new Voice Changer— during voice-acting and live music performances in particular.

Five DSP Effects

The AG08 come equipped with high-quality effects to color, correct, or enhance your vocal and musical instrument signals. Grouped into the five categories detailed below, all effects are processed by the onboard DSP, so there is no latency and no impact on PC processing. *Details of each DSP effect can be set in the AG08 Controller app.

  1. Voice Changer (CH1) / Amp Sim (CH2)
  2. Comp, EQ
  3. Reverb, Delay
  4. Ducker
  5. Maximizer

Channel 1 features a new voice changer effect that can transform your voice into that of a different gender, a robot, and more, while Channel 2 offers an amp simulator for a more authentic guitar or bass amp sound. These, along with Comp, EQ, Reverb, and the newly added Delay, can be set independently on each channel, allowing you to dial in the optimal setting for each.

  • Yamaha AG08: Five DSP Effects
  • Yamaha AG08: Five DSP Effects


The Ducker function can be used to automatically attenuate Channels 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 playback sound relative to audio input from Channels 1 and 2, so you can easily set up a streaming system where Channels 1 and 2 signals are always heard clearly.

  • Yamaha AG08: Ducker
  • Yamaha AG08: Ducker


Finally, the Maximizer is a simple yet powerful mastering function that can add a level boost to your mix for extra polish and professionalism, as well as attenuating peaking signals to give your listeners and viewers a more comfortable and pleasant audio experience.

  • Yamaha AG08: Maximizer
  • Yamaha AG08: Maximizer

Six Sound Pads

The AG08 comes equipped with six customizable sound pads that allow you to easily add sound effects in real time to liven up your broadcasts. Using the “AG08 Controller” dedicated app you can simply drag and drop existing sound files and assign them to the pad of your choice, or record your own samples via the AG08 inputs and trim them to their desired length within the app.

  • Yamaha AG08: Six Sound Pads
  • Yamaha AG08: Six Sound Pads

Convenient Power Supply

Yamaha AG08: Convenient Power Supply

The new console also comes equipped with a new PA-150B power adapter for more stable operation and to accommodate a wider range of application setups along with the onboard USB 1.5 A bus power supplier.

Powerful bundled software

Yamaha AG08: Powerful bundled software

The AG08 comes bundled with Cubase AI music production software, as well as WaveLab Cast for audio production and editing. The AG08 is also compatible with Cubasis LE applications for iOS devices which are available free of charge from Steinberg to support and inspire your audio content creation.

Yamaha Live Streaming Mixer AG08
Yamaha Live Streaming Mixer AG08
Yamaha Live Streaming Mixer AG08
Yamaha Live Streaming Mixer AG08
Yamaha Live Streaming Mixer AG08

AG08 Live Streaming Mixer

An 8-channel live streaming mixer featuring two phantom power inputs for condenser mics, an integrated USB audio interface, voice changer and sampler.

  • Two mic/line inputs and two headphone outputs can be used simultaneously
  • +48 V phantom power on CH1 and 2 for condenser mics or Dl boxes
  • Four FX preset buttons for CH1, Hi-Z input for guitars on CH2
  • Three stereo inputs with assignable faders, switchable input source for LINE/USB
  • 4-pole mini input/output (TRRS) on CH7/8
  • MONITOR outputs (XLR + TRS) and MIX outputs (TRS)
  • Six sound pads trigger audio samples in real time to add color to live streams
  • Internal circuitry delivers highest sound-quality in the AG series
  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Multi-channel audio recording and playback (Coexistence of ASIO and WDM)
  • Flexible inputs and outputs ideal for live streaming
  • DSP effects (Voice Changer, Amp Simulator, Comp, EQ, Reverb, Delay, Ducker, Maximizer)
  • AG08 Controller (Windows / Mac / iOS) for precise parameter control and detailed audio management
  • 60 mm faders and Mute buttons for each input
  • Foot switch functionality for more versatile system control
  • Windows / Mac support via USB-C connection
  • iOS connectivity via Apple Camera Adapter (requires external USB power supply)
  • Android supported by 4-pole mini input/output (TRRS)
  • USB-C power input (5 V DC, 1.5 A)
  • Cubase Al, WaveLab Cast, Cubasis LE are available

FC5 Foot Switch

A foot switch controller for Yamaha portable PA systems and mixers.

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