YTR-8310Z Bb Trumpets

The Legend Continues

<Generation 2>

The original “Z” was born of Yamaha’s long and close partnership with legendry trumpeter Bobby Shew. Then in 2018 Yamaha and Shew collaborated to create a second-generation YTR-8310Z that further refines the brilliant tone and well-balanced playing resistance that contemporary styles demand. The Shew ideal is one versatile, efficient instrument that can wail out powerful leads and also play soft, mellow ballads. The Z satisfies all of his playing requirements. The tapering thickness of the handmade bell gives players a very open and comfortable response as well as better feedback into their sound. The flat-dome bell rim helps players create their own personal tonal colors.

Balanced playing resistance, brilliant tone and a solid tonal core for all types of jazz.

The revised Yamaha Custom Z model introduces the latest Yamaha structural technology and other features refined through countless evaluations by Bobby Shew and the Yamaha R&D team.

“The new Custom Z speaks easily, fills the room with sound without a lot of effort. Thanks, Yamaha. Another wonderful step forward”

— Bobby Shew, Yamaha Artist

While the weight of the valve casing has been increased, the new Custom Z YTR-8310Z has been designed to achieve brilliant tone and ideally balanced playing resistance.

A redesigned leadpipe and new piston pads result in better response that provides smooth playability on detailed passages.

The new stopper screw also helps to improve tonal solidity while enhancing high-register playability.


Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Gold lacquer


Bell: Yellow brass, Finish: Silver-plated

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