HD-200 Harmony Directors Discontinued

Color Black
Dimensions Width 855mm (33 11/16")
Depth 262mm (10 5/16")
Height 93.9mm (3 11/16")
Weight 4.35kg (9 lbs. 9 oz) (without batteries)
Control Interface Keyboard 49 keys C scale (4 octaves with touch response)
Date Entry Data Entry Dial, Data Entry Button [ + ][ - ]
Display LCD Display (Harmony display, Metronome display), Contrast Dial (Harmony Contrast Dial, Metronome Contrast Dial)
Voices Tone Generator FM Tone Generator, AWM Tone Generator (Piano, Metronome)
Number of Polyphony (Max.) FM: 8 notes, AWM: 32 notes
Number of Voices 10 Voices (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Organ, Trumpet, Horn, Brass, String, Piano), Hold Button
Sound Shape Edit Attack, Release, Brilliance
Functions Metronome Tempo, Quarter Triplet, Tap Tempo, Beat, Memory , Cursor, Start/Stop, Beat Volume, Accent
Temperaments Equal Tempered, Pure Tempered Major, Pure Tempered Minor, Memory, Standard Pitch (Hz, Cent), Key Select (Manual, Auto), Note Select (C, C#, D, E♭, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, B♭, B), Indvidual Pitch, Individual Volume
Transposition Transpose (C, B♭, E♭, F), Octave (Low1, Low2, Mid, High)
Connectivity DC IN DC 12V IN Jack
Foot Pedal Standard Stereo Phone Jack
Input DC 12V IN Jack, Foot Pedal
Output Output Jack (Standard Monaural), Phone Jack (Standard Stereo)
Power Supply Power Adaptor, Battery ("AA" size, LR6 or equiv.)×6
Battery Life Until Low Power Warning: Approx. 3 hrs, Until Power Depleted: Approx. 4 hrs (when using alkaline batteries)
Accessories Owner's Manual