Welcome to HiFi-AVEC

High Fidelity - Hi-Fi music begins with Yamaha, and with decades of passion and dedication. The Yamaha team were able to produced multiple notable flagship models such as NS-1000M! The company began manufacturing HiFi speakers in 1967 by repurposing and improving the Electone's NS (Natural Sound) and later found our venture to this date and still producing top notch products from ever ending research and development to ensure a promoising user listening experience.

Hi-Fi has also improved overall with the introduction of internet and streaming services and yet Yamaha still pursues the best or nothing from both Analogue and Digital.

Yamaha Music Malaysia has the opportunity to introduce all of these flagship Hi-Fi models, open to public on appointment basis. come and experience Yamaha's HiFi at our renowned Audio Visual Experience Centre located in Kelana Jaya, Petaling!

What is HiFi ?

Hi-Fi, also translates into High Fidelity, directs the drive to strive for the best audio quality and hearing experience possible. Hi-Fi is a very interesting hobby to pickup as each and every combination and parts spells different sound quality.

Every single component (Amplifier, Speaker, Source) and parts (Cables, Chips, Drivers) are equally important no matter what combination and brands we use - this is what makes Hi-Fi community so special when everyone's preference are different and on the hunt for the best sound for them. Here we will share what we know about Hi-Fi and the evolution the modern world has impacted it, let's Hi-Fi!