Find yourself right where you are

Makes your whole day worthwhile

Comfort, beauty and peace

Surrounded with your favorite things

And inspired by the feeling

With all your favorite music in refined, rich sound

With a shape you’ll come to love

The TSX makes your day even better

As if it’s been there for a long-time

And a natural part of your room

Adding a soft personal touch to your life

Stylish design, functionality and beauty

Blend in with the room décor, with or without music

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Soft touch,

simple presets

  • Yamaha TSX-B237


  • Yamaha TSX-B237

CD and radio

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Natural feel tabletop

Includes wireless smart phone charger

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

App control

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Clock and alarm


Modern yet classic, simple yet sophisticated

Attractive, natural look panel for a cozy lifestyle

Compact stereo with CD player, alarm clock, radio and Bluetooth connectivity


One touch to your favorite music

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Simply press a single button, and enjoy the music or radio station you often listen to right away — with optimum sound quality.

Familiar smartphone operation

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Enjoy a variety of functions and ‘smart’ control right from your smartphone display—with the easy-to-use dedicated app. See CD artwork and song information, too.

Set it down, charge it up

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Charging your smartphone is incredibly easy with the built-in Qi wireless charging function. No need for cables. Just leave your compatible smartphone on the tabletop before you go bed and wake up to a full charge.

Clock/alarm that’s always by your side

  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Includes a large, easy-to-see clock, an intelligent alarm that gently wakes you up gently, snooze control, sleep timer and other features that make your daily life more enjoyable.

All your music, all in one place

  • Yamaha TSX-B237
  • Yamaha TSX-B237
  • Yamaha TSX-B237

Dimensions (WxHxD)

370 x 111 x 252 mm;

14 - 5/8” x 4-3 / 8” x 9-7/8”





4.2 kg; 9.3 lbs.


RSP RM3,180

With all your favorite music. With a shape you'll come to love. The TSX-B237 makes your day even better.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.