Yamaha AV Receiver Setup Guide App

AV SETUP GUIDE is an application that assists you with cable connections between AV receiver and source devices as well as AV receiver setup.

This app guides you through the various settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and assigning the power amp.

System illustrations and actual AV receiver images help you understand easily how to make the connections between devices.

If your receiver is network capable, setting parameters on this app will automatically be copied to your AV receiver for simple setup.


Yamaha AV Receiver Setup Guide App

AV Receiver Model Select

Select your model

Home Menu

Your model is displayed.

Start connection guide or view owner's manual.

Speaker Layout

Based on your selected speaker confiuration for the room, this app shows you all the possible speaker layout avaialble to select.

Source Device Select

Select all connecting devices from the list.Check input/output terminals on these devices.

Confirmation of TV/source devices and cables

Based on Source Device Select result, this app shows you all necessary interconnection cables.

TV / Source Devices Connection

Based on your selection of input/output on connected devices, this app shows you to which input / output terminals on the receiver these devices need to be connected.

Speaker Connection

Based on your selected speaker layout in earlier step, this app shows you to which speaker terminals the speakers need to be connected.

Automatic Setup via Network

Setting parameters in this app will be automatically copied to your AV receiver.

*This function is supported only by network capable models.

YPAO Setting Guidance

YPAO automatically optimize the speaker settings to suit your room.

This app guides you how to engage YPAO and checks if the speaker connection is correct.

*Certain models will skip this step.

RX-A8A, RX-A6A, RX-A4A, RX-A2A, RX-A3080, RX-A2080, RX-A1080, RX-880, RX-A780, RX-A680, RX-A3070, RX-A2070, RX-A1070, RX-A870, RX-A770, RX-A670, RX-A3060, RX-A2060, RX-A1060, RX-A860, RX-A760, RX-A660, RX-A3050, RX-A2050, RX-A1050, RX-A850, RX-A750, RX-A550, RX-AS710, RX-AS710D, RX-A3040, RX-A2040, RX-A1040, RX-A840, RX-A740

RX-V6A, RX-V4A, RX-V3085, RX-V2085, RX-V1085, RX-V685, RX-V585, RX-V485, RX-D485, RX-V385, RX-V3083, RX-V2083, RX-V1083, RX-V683, RX-V583, RX-V483, RX-V383, RX-V3081, RX-V2081, RX-V1081, RX-V781, RX-V681, RX-V581, RX-V481, RX-V481D, RX-V381, RX-V3079, RX-V2079, RX-V1079, RX-V779, RX-V679, RX-V579, RX-V479, RX-V379, RX-V3077, RX-V2077, RX-V1077, RX-V777, RX-V677, RX-V577, RX-V477, RX-V377

RX-S602, RX-S601D, RX-S601, RX-S600D, RX-S600

HTR-5072, HTR-4072, HTR-3072, HTR-5071, HTR-4071, HTR-3071, HTR-2071, HTR-5069, HTR-4069, HTR-3069, HTR-6068, HTR-4068, HTR-3068, HTR-6067, HTR-5067, HTR-4067, HTR-3067

TSR-5830, TSR-7810, TSR-5810, TSR-7790, TSR-5790

*Some models are not available in some regions.

OS: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android OS 4.0.3 or higher

* Compatibility with certain devices can't always be guaranteed.

* A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and a compatible Yamaha Network AV Receiver residing within the same LAN.

* This application will never collect nor externally transfer personal data stored in your smartphone / tablet.

* This application performs following functions for purposes described below.

Making a connection under WiFi-enabled environment

The application uses WiFi function on your mobile terminal for the purpose of operating network-enabled devices.

Accessing to music information stored in your smartphone / tablet

This application accesses to music information stored in your smartphone / tablet for the purpose of displaying, playing and editing the music information and/or playlist.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.