Jamie Cullum


Jamie Cullum

Jamie is the most successful UK jazz artist of all time and effortlessly combines his hectic recording, writing and touring schedule with life as an award-winning broadcaster on BBC Radio 2, the most highly rated station in Europe. Already this year he has scooped the top prize at the Radio Academy Awards with a gold award, as well as the Jazz Media award at London's prestigious Parliamentary Jazz Awards. Jamie's busy broadcasting career keeps him in the vanguard of emerging and established jazz musicians. Jamie's ever expanding haul of awards and nominations now includes a Grammy, two Golden Globes and two Brit awards. He is also gaining notoriety as a literary publisher, having recently launched the critically acclaimed lifestyle magazine 'Eighty Eight'.

In 2013 Jamie released his sixth album 'Momentum' and embarked on a worldwide tour that continues throughout 2014, playing to capacity audiences throughout Europe, Japan, South East Asia, the USA and South America.

Jamie is one of Yamaha's most high profile and prolific piano artists. He has worked closely with Yamaha on a wide range of powerful educational projects aimed at introducing people to his passion: the piano. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his seventh album, scheduled for release in the winter of 2014.

Jamie comments, “My favourite Yamaha piano is the S6. It has exactly the right size of sound for what I do. At times I am not a gentle player, and this piano holds its tuning very well throughout an entire gig. When necessary you can really caress the S6 and coax very gentle sounds out of it. When it needs to hold its own amongst the clatter of drums and guitars it sings out powerfully. I play one on stage and in the studio – it’s my perfect piano!”


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