Commercial Installed Sound

Broadcast Presentations to a Second Room

“Although the presentation rooms at our multi-room complex are normally used independently, there are times when we want to broadcast a presentation being held in the main room to one or more satellite rooms so that a larger audience can be accommodated.”

The solution we propose for this situation is ideal for educational facilities, municipal halls, houses of worship, and more.

The MRX7-D and MTX5-D allow Dante audio networking over long distances with no delay or degradation in sound quality. If an appropriate setup is pre-programmed using the MTX-MRX Editor software, it is possible to broadcast audio simultaneously to all rooms by simply pressing a button.

The Dugan Automixer function built into the MRX7-D can be a huge advantage for lectures, panel discussion, or other situations where multiple speakers may use their microphones at unpredictable times. When active the Dugan Automixer keeps track of which microphones are being used and which are not, and automatically adjusts individual microphone levels so that the speaker can be clearly heard without being cut off or interrupted by feedback.

DCP4V4S control panels installed in each room allow remote control of audio source and microphone levels as well as on/off switching.


Other Examples