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Brewery “Cinderlands Brewery”

Formerly one of the USA’s main industrialized areas, the decline of the steel and other heavy industries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has seen the city transformed into a hub for health care, technology and education. Blue collar areas have been transformed into gentrified neighborhoods, with a result ing increase in demand for services like high quality food and drink. This has provided opportunities for businesses like the Cinderlands Beer Company, which operates two modern ‘brew pubs’ with on-site craft brewery, ‘scratch kitchen’ and a lively atmosphere.

Opening its first venue, Cinderlands Foederhouse, in 2017, more recently the company has added Cinderlands Warehouse. This larger brewpub is housed at a 150 year old site that was originally a stable for horses and the buggies they pulled, Cinderlands demolished all-but the facade, keeping much of the historic exterior while creating a brand new building which would meet the needs of the business.

“Pittsburgh has gone from being what was one of the best kept secrets in the mid-west to being a place that attracts people from all over,” says Cinderlands founder Jamie Warden. “We wanted to honor the past, while also making very deliberate choices that are geared towards providing our guests with the best possible experience that we can afford them.”

Offering elevated gastro-pub fare with an international twist and a list of beers which is, as Jamie says, “as sacred as it is profane,” Cinderlands Warehouse is a large, open plan space with two floors and an outside terrace for customers. It encourages an animated, vibrant atmosphere.

“Our guests are of all ages, they come from all walks of life and they’re looking to enjoy themselves in an environment that is both high energy and very inclusive. We aim to foster that as best as we possibly can,” says Jamie. “So much so that, for every meeting I have about beer or food, I have ten about guest experience and how we want people to walk away from here feeling.”

A key part of this commitment to making customers happy is the Yamaha audio system featuring VXS8 surface mount speakers, which enhances the feelgood experience at Cinderlands Warehouse. It was designed and installed by Joel Headrick of Pittsburgh-based Elite Media Installations.

“We have a wonderful group of people here who go out of their way to make sure guests feel welcome and that they leave maybe feeling they’ve learnt something new about the beer and the food. To me that is the most rewarding part,” says Jamie.

“This place is all about experience. I wanted to get into craft beer because I saw an industry that had a lot of energy and a lot of kind, thoughtful people surrounding it. Ultimately I wanted to capture that energy, the environment and put my own spin on it.”

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