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Clubhouse “Tacoma Yacht Club”

Whether you are an active sailor, a water sports enthusiast or a confirmed land-lubber, Tacoma Yacht Club in Washington State, US, will extend an equally warm welcome to everyone who wants to be a part of its community. The atmosphere at its clubhouse is warm and relaxed, aided by background music from a Yamaha audio system.

Established 130 years ago, Tacoma Yacht Club is located on the western peninsular of Tacoma, around 20 miles south of Seattle. Set in a picturesque location, overlooking Puget Sound with views of the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, the club has grown from its original 26 members to over 1200 members and families, located along the entire 1332 mile (2144km) Puget Sound shoreline.

The club prides itself on its community atmosphere, treating its members like part of an extended family. Membership is open to sailors and non-sailors alike so, as well as traditional activities like sailing races, water skiing and flotillas of up to 70 vessels which cruise to different parts of Puget Sound, the club has a busy program of social events. It also has a fine dining restaurant and well-stocked bar, for when members just want to enjoy a high quality meal or a sociable drink.

“We have a very diverse membership and every member enjoys a different flavor from the club,” says chief operating officer Sean McGuidwin. “We have a wide range of social events like dances, balls and live music, plus there’s our popular bar, top notch dining and the simple camaraderie of people sitting out on the deck chatting.”

Maintaining a homely atmosphere is key to the club’s welcoming ambience. Along with inviting nautical decor of the clubhouse, this is created by relaxing background music from a high quality Yamaha installed audio system including VXS5 surface mount speakers.

“I would say that the average member enjoys our club from two to five times a week and they really find it a home-from-home,” says Sean. “We don’t see Tacoma Yacht Club as a restaurant or even a business. It’s a community. It’s a family and it’s how we live.”

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