Cherish the Season of Love

Network Receiver

Valentine’s day is around the corner and Yamaha has just the right symphony of sound that will elevate your romantic moments to new heights! Designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and versatility, the R-N600A is the perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The all-in-one Hi-Fi Receiver R-N600A is what Hi-Fi calls the introduction towards the world of sound filled with love and emotion with its 20Hz to 20kHz both channels driven, coupled with 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms. This simply means that this device is a capable powerful entry for Hi-Fi quality music at your home!

R-N600A is a receiver that can support all the modern connectivity such as Spotify and Tidal through Yamaha’s own proprietary MusicCast app. All you need is just a pair of speakers and the receiver will work out the magic. In other words, the least things to worry on that valentine’s is the music ambience.

Sound Bar

Did you know, music has the ability to evoke emotions, create connections, and enhance the bond between partners in a romantic relationship. In other words, listening to music together with your valentines can create shared experiences and intensify the emotional connection between you and your partner.

This makes the SR-B30A to be the perfect item and gift for this occasion! Boasting Dolby Atmos capability and built-in subwoofer, it literally is just a plug and play / easy placement soundbar! Couple of modes such as Movies and Music to switch on, you can either use your mobile or Television to explore a new way of enjoying contents!

A soundbar indefinitely upgrades the quality of your existing TV sound and it makes especially more difference with good quality sound that fills the entire room. Get yours now!

AV Receiver

In love of the Cinema? Yes, we do too! The RX-V4A home theatre receiver needs no introduction with its 5.2 channels performance. A receiver is what we need to start building our own home theatre systems at home, similar to how a cinema look like, you can enjoy your movies with your partner with more immersive experience with Yamaha!

Supporting network compability and MusicCast offers the most use in a home environment, where you can browse more of your server contents and online contents through your receiver itself!

Valentines is supposed to filled with surprises, romance and joy. But at Yamaha, we say Valentine’s should be filled with emotions, feel, experiences and memories! This translates to a good ambience setting will enhance your valentine’s experience! Feel it now with full range Home Theatre RX-V4A to heat things up!