Yamaha and Barco systems attain a fully wireless environment.

Yamaha Corporation and Barco Co., Ltd. concluded an alliance partnership in 2020. We have promoted close collaboration with Yamaha remote teleconference speaker phones YVC-200, YVC-330, YVC-1000 and Barco’s teleconference solution tool called ClickShare. In September 2021, Yamaha's one-stop sound solution for teleconferencing, called ADECIA, was certified as a Barco ClickShare Conference. The combination of ADECIA and ClickShare provides a more comfortable and natural remote teleconferencing environment. This time, at the ADECIA Demonstration Room at Yamaha Pro Audio in Hakozaki, Tokyo, Yamaha Music Japan PA Division Yusuke Toyoura will give us an overview and describe the benefits of the remote teleconferencing system that combines "ADECIA" and "ClickShare," and will discuss its usability.

* What is ADECIA?

"ADECIA" is a solution composed of a PoE-compatible L2 switch "SWR2311P-10G" and Dante/PoE-compatible line array speaker "VXL1-16P.” It is built around a ceiling array microphone "RM-CG" and a remote conferencing processor "RM-CR" and acts as an acoustic system equipped with all the devices required for remote conferencing.

* What is ClickShare?

ClickShare Conference brings wireless conferencing, a revolutionary workplace experience. It combines powerful remote communication with easy-to-use wireless collaboration, in any meeting space. Start a meeting from your device, use your preferred conference tool. Automatically you connect wirelessly to room cameras, speakerphones, sound bars for a more immersive meeting. In less than 7 seconds you conference, collaborate and click with our secure, connected and cloud managed solution. By combining with "ADECIA," we can wirelessly control the seamless integration of video and audio, and even in hybrid meetings with a mix of internal and external online teleconference participants, and achieve a teleconferencing experience that is just as natural and comfortable as in-person meetings.

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What is the alliance partnership between Yamaha and Barco?

Toyoura: You can safely combine the solution of Barco video with Yamaha audio in the remote teleconferencing system. Barco's ClickShare and Yamaha's YVC Series formed a partnership alliance in 2020; ADECIA joined the alliance in September 2021. Generally, manufacturers do not guarantee the operation of third-party products, but ADECIA and ClickShare check each other, so we can build systems with confidence.

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. PA Division Yusuke Toyoura

Yamaha Pro Audio's ADECIA Demonstration Room (Tokyo, Hakozaki)

Ceiling-array Microphone RM-CG

Dante/PoE-compatible Line Array Speaker VXL1W-16P Installed Left and Right of a Wall-mounted Screen

Acoustic Rack

Remote Teleconferencing Processor "RM-CR" / Installed in the Acoustic Rack

ClickShare CX-50

What are the benefits of the ADECIA and ClickShare systems?

Toyoura: Usually, remote teleconferencing uses a computer monitor, a microphone, and camera, and launches a remote teleconferencing application such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams or the like that is installed on the computer. However, if you want to use an external monitor, microphone, and camera, the host computer is connected by a cable. Even when using "ADECIA," the processor and the computer of ADECIA must be cable-connected by USB. However, the processor is usually in a rack in the corner of the teleconferencing room. For that reason, you have to stretch the USB cable quite a bit from the rack to the computer, and you also have to stretch the HDMI cable in order to share the computer screen.

However, with ClickShare, you can simply connect the cable to the ClickShare Base Unit, and then simply insert the ClickShare button into your computer, so that you can have remote teleconferences using ADECIA immediately. In the first place, ADECIA's ceiling microphone offers the advantage of maintaining a tidy-looking table, so by combining it with ClickShare, you can create a completely wireless remote teleconferencing environment where there are no cables on the table at all.

“ClickShare Button" Connected to the USB Terminal of the Computer

"ClickShare Base Unit"

By the way, do you also use "ADECIA" and "ClickShare” in remote teleconferences?

Toyoura: Yes, of course, I use it. It is very convenient because you don't need to prepare a lot in advance.

May we actually use the system it to try teleconferencing?

Toyoura: Yes, let's give it a try. I will try to connect with Yamaha’s Takanawa office.

May we actually use the system it to try teleconferencing?

Toyoura: You’ll note how we were immediately connected wirelessly.

By the way, what is reason for the iPad?

Toyoura: The ADECIA processor is remotely installed by ProVisionaire, a custom control panel software that allows remote control and monitoring of the system. For example, if you wirelessly convert to ClickShare, even if you don't have a host computer at hand, this iPad allows you manually to mute the microphone. You can also raise or lower the speaker volume, or use the switcher to toggle between videos during a regular meeting. You can also play or stop a Blu-ray player that supports Yamaha's wireless remote called MusicCast. ProVisionaire also offers the advantage of being able freely to design your screen with the feel of PowerPoint according to the application for use.

IPad That Launched a Custom Control Panel Created Using ProVisionaire

Would you tell us about the demonstration room for ADECIA?

Toyoura: First of all, the "ADECIA” demonstration room in Hakozaki is where we hold "ADECIA” online training where you can experience "ADECIA" audio every Tuesday. Our product specialists will explain and support the consultation regarding the system and its specifications in an interactive session that will be attended by only one company that applied. This is the venue. After your first online experience, you can also experience the actual machine in this room.

In addition to "ADECIA", the demo room is also equipped with a speech privacy system called "VSP-2" that plays back information masking sounds to protect the privacy of the conversation and to provide an office environment where you can concentrate on your work. We also demonstrate this.

Speech Privacy System "VSP-2" (sold only in Japan)

Would also please tell us about the conference room at your Takanawa office to which you are connected.

Toyoura: ADECIA and ClickShare have also been installed in the teleconference room at Yamaha’s Takanawa Office to which we are connected this time.

Would also please tell us about the conference room at your Takanawa office to which you are connected.

Yamaha Takanawa Office Teleconference Room with the ADECIA and ClickShare System in Operation

Toyoura: We usually conduct internal meetings and teleconferences with our trading partners. It is not a specialized demonstration room, but if you contact us, you can come and see the actual machine for yourself at the Takanawa Office. As in this time, you can experience the audio quality and performance of "ADECIA" while being connected to the demonstration room of Hakozaki and the Takanawa Office, and you can connect with the customer's teleconference room to get a real feel for the great performance of the microphone. Furthermore, a tone panel, called TCH, is installed in the teleconferencing room at Yamaha's Takanawa Office. This is just a 3-cm thick panel that can be installed to improve the audio of the room. You can experience these effects.

Message from Hironori Kato, President and CEO of Barco Co., Ltd.

Regarding ClickShare

Regarding ClickShare

ClickShare is a solution that wirelessly connects your teleconference room monitor and projector to multiple PCs, enabling instant sharing across screens from any PC. You can integrate USB peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and speakers for remote teleconferences, and you can easily set up a remote teleconference with a single button for hybrid meetings with a mix of offices and remote environments. With regard to security, it also has high security that conforms to ISO 27001, and is currently the most used wireless presentation and conference system in the world.

There are many companies that are working on office reforms to improve the productivity of meetings and to improve communication, and there are companies that are exploring flexible working styles in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving the quality of meetings and hybridizing offices are the biggest concerns for companies today. Many of our customers who have actually introduced ClickShare have discovered that in addition to finding it easy and convenient to use, it has also meeting participants have become more proactive.

Background to the alliance with our company

Technology and quality play key roles in hybridizing our offices. ClickShare works seamlessly with a variety of USB peripherals, including microphones, cameras, and speakers that are used in conference rooms, as well as displays. Among these equipment manufacturers, we expect that high-quality hybrid meetings will be implemented and will accelerate in their popularity.

ClickShare sales status

In total, more than 800,000 units are shipped globally, and it has been introduced to more than half of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Furthermore, the ClickShare CX series launched last year is a product that enables wireless remote conferencing. It has been growing steadily around the world as a result of the demand for hybrid meetings in recent years.

About Barco

Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes around the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop visualization and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (from meeting, classroom and control rooms to corporate spaces), Healthcare (from the radiology department to the operating room), and Entertainment (from movie theaters to live events and attractions). In 2020, we realized sales of 770 million euro. We have a global team of 3,300 employees, whose passion for technology is captured in 430 granted patents. For more information, visit us on www.barco.com, follow us on Twitter (@Barco), LinkedIn (Barco), YouTube (BarcoTV), or like us on Facebook (Barco).


A ceiling array microphone equipped with unique audio signal processing technology that enables high-quality communication

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available


Signal processor at the heart of the ADECIA

VXL Series "P model"

Supports the Dante audio network, and use a slim line-array configuration, making them an easy fit perfectly for conference rooms (in the size range of 12m × 10m) that demand voice clarity while imposing numerous constraints on space, and require both functionality and a sense of design.

Yamaha ProVisionaire


ProVisionaire is a suite of software applications for the design, operation, and management of sound systems built around Yamaha Pro Audio products.