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Dolby Atmos® with Height Virtualizer*

Puts you at the center of the action by positioning sounds to different points in your room, including from above. *This function is available via future update.

AURO-3D* (Except RXA2A)

Bring your entertainment experience to the next level with immersive audio that accurately reproduces 3D sound with superior effect across any content. Gain entry into a world where every breath-taking moment is not only heard but also felt.
*This function is available via firmware update.

Enhanced Media and Gaming

Enhanced media and gaming features ensure an added level of smooth and seamless motion and transitions for gaming, movies and video.

  A2A A4A A6A A8A
Channels 7ch 7ch 9ch 11ch
Rated Output Power
(20Hz-20kHz, 2ch driven)
100 w 110 w 150 w 150 w
Zone Zone 2 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 3
HDMI In/out 7/1 7/3 7/3 7/3
4K120AB, 81<60AB, HDRIO+
(via firmware update)

(8K60B only)
Dolby Atmos w/Height Virtualization
Wireless Rear Speaker Capabilit

(3D/High Precision EQ/R.S.C/muItipoint)

(3D/High Precision EQ/R.S.C/muItipoint)

(3D/High Precision EQ/R.S.C/muItipoint)