The Next Generation of Yamaha SR Loudspeakers - New DXR mkII Powered Loudspeakers

Shizuoka, Japan, April 2nd, 2019 - Yamaha is pleased to announce the release of the newest additions to the DXR mkII Series of powered loudspeakers, the DXR15mkII, DXR12mkII, DXR10mkII and DXR8mkII. These new models offer an upgrade in performance and a reduction in weight from the current DXR Series, delivering higher maximum SPL as a result of a larger 1.75” voice coil HF compression driver, and precise amp tuning courtesy of collaboration with NEXO's professional loudspeaker engineering team.

Upgraded Custom-Designed Transducers

All the new models' HF units feature an upgraded 1.75” neodymium VC compression driver that achieves a higher SPL with greater high frequency sound reproduction with all the basic utility and versatility of the current DXR series. Able to deliver 1-2 dB higher SPL compared with the current series, the DXR15mkII can reach an impressive 134 dB maximum SPL with an impressive LF response down to 49Hz, while the DXR12mkII can also produce 134 dB SPL with LF down to 52Hz with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. The maximum SPL for the DXR10mkII is 132dB SPL and 130dB SPL for the DXR8mkII.

With the addition of the larger and lighter HF driver, Yamaha decided to once again collaborate with NEXO, adding their insight and expertise as an industry leader in touring-grade sound reinforcement to the series' precise tuning. “Working with NEXO was an obvious step in taking the DXR mkII Series to the highest level of performance possible. Liaising closely with their engineers at their state-of-the-art facility greatly contributed to the impressive SPL and unmatched reliability of these new loudspeakers,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, General Manager of the Yamaha Pro Audio Division. “As a result of this intensive collaboration with our group company NEXO, this new generation of DXR mkII Series sees an upgrade in performance and reliability allowing them to meet the demands of a wider range of environments that require a professional level of performance in a compact, lightweight construction.”

Jean Mullor, CEO of NEXO also added, “It was very exciting to see Yamaha’s new DXR mkII powered loudspeaker plan take shape and to contribute to their process. We're proud to have played a role in the DXR's development since its inception to the present, putting the finishing touches on the new upgraded lineup.”

Sophisticated Digital Technologies and Unparalleled Versatility

Yamaha's state-of-the-art digital technologies ensure that each of the speakers reliably delivers its powerful SPL with superb clarity and musicality. All models feature Yamaha's proprietary FIR-X tuning™ utilizing linear phase FIR* filters for the crossover. This innovative tuning achieves very accurate and smooth response, providing much better clarity and imaging than what typical crossovers are capable of. It was during the tuning stage that NEXO's input was most prominent, adding valuable insight and expertise to make sure these upgraded DXRs performed at their best. All models also feature D-CONTOUR dynamic multi-band processing for clear, powerful and consistent sound regardless of how hard you drive them. D-CONTOUR provides more detailed tuning of your sound with two settings - FOH/ MAIN or MONITOR mode - optimally set to match your particular application. Yamaha's innovative DSP utilization extends beyond sonic control as well, offering tour-proven protection functions that ensure all the vital components perform at their maximum potential even after extended durations of usage.

The DXR Series remains the picture of versatility with every aspect of these new model's design geared towards ultimate functionality. Durable, non-resonant ABS enclosures and a portable, lightweight construction allows for seamless adaptability in various environments and applications from front-of-house sound and floor monitoring, to simple amplification and installed environments. For rigged applications DXR mkII Series loudspeakers come equipped with rigging points compatible with standard eyebolts, while optional U-brackets are also available for various horizontal and vertical applications. The DXR mkII also features a dual-angle pole mount socket with two different angles to direct audio output away from reflective surfaces and onto the audience. The DXR mkII also features a 3-channel onboard mixer, flexible IN/OUT connectivity and linking capability allowing it to comprise a full sound reinforcement system.

The New DXR mkII lineup will make its debut at Pro Light and Sound 2019, Frankfurt Germany from April 2nd to 5th and will be available from June 2019.