Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)

Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)

for 6 years old and above


Comprehensive Music Curriculum

The Curriculum has all the elements of a holistic and comprehensive music education in developing students' musical sensitivity and providing a strong musical ability and piano performance skill from introductory to advanced level.

Conductive Learning Environment

We design our curriculum in individual format to ensure that you will get all the preparation needed for your musical development.

Complements International Exam Boards

The purpose of YPC is to provide a comprehensive music lesson based on Yamaha Music Education System. Choice and type of examination are optional and at the discretion of teacher and student.

Student Concerts

All YPC students have opportunities to participate in student concerts organized by Yamaha Music. Sharing the joy of music is an important element in music learning.

Fun & Effective For All Ages

Curriculum content from YPC textbooks makes it easier for students to understand and enjoy their lessons. Children, and even adults will learn to enjoy the colourful book in conjunction with a fun learning system that is suitable for all.

Qualified Music Teachers

YPC Teachers have at least the minimum music qualification. In addition, Yamaha teachers also attend regular Continuous Professional Development programmes and seminars to further enhance their skills on pedagogical and technical subjects.

Yamaha Piano Course Level and Structure

Elements and Benefits of Yamaha Piano Course

Lesson Details : 
Intake Monthly
Target 6 years old or older
Format of Lesson Individual
Lesson Duration 30 mins once per week (Beginner Level)
School Fee RM 165 per month
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