Yamaha Piano Course

Yamaha Piano Course

Age range: 8 years old and above

The Yamaha Piano Course is a private lesson program that caters for beginner to advanced students of all ages.

Taught by highly qualified and passionate Yamaha teachers, students will learn from Yamaha’s exclusive Pianoforte curriculum that has been designed and developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation Japan and is now taught to thousands of students throughout the world.

Students will learn by completing a series of progressively graded textbooks (with online streaming materials), that are designed to develop many important musical skills through the study of repertoire pieces, technical exercises, scales and arpeggios, sight reading, keyboard harmony, piano duets and music rudiments (theory).

The Yamaha Piano Course consists of 12 levels and as students progress through each level they will have the opportunity to sit for internationally recognized graded piano examinations.

For students who undertake exams, our teachers will provide guidance and instruction to ensure that students go into the examination confident and most importantly, prepared.


  • Learn piano using a proven method, developed with over 50 years of research and experience
  • Learn from highly qualified and passionate Yamaha teachers
  • Progress through an internationally recognized examination system
  • Develop high-level piano skills by studying Yamaha’s exclusive Pianoforte curriculum
  • Learn in a professional teaching environment using quality Yamaha instruments

Students will experience:

  • One-on-one piano lessons using a modern collaborative approach
  • Learning repertoire to develop skills and technique
  • Learn and understand how to play scales and arpeggios
  • Develop sight reading abilities
  • Aural training and development
  • Understanding and applying music theory
  • Solfege, finger exercises and etudes
  • Improvisation and keyboard harmony

Course Information:

Class Length

30 Minutes

Course Length

12 Years

Parent Participation

Not Required

Class Type


Assessment Type

Yamaha Grade 13 – 6 Exams /
External Examination Boards


Textbook and online streaming materials

Cost Per Lesson

From RM 182 per month

YPCC 2020 Ethan Leong Jia Jun - Sonata Op. 49-1 1st Movement by L. v. Beethoven

YPCC 2020 Lim Jun Hong - Etude Op.47 No.1, Op.45 No.1, Op.125 No.4 by Stephen Heller

Yamaha’s Unique Program

1. Printed Lesson Material + Streaming Audio

Yamaha’s unique curriculum has been designed with the philosophy of wanting everyone to enjoy music. Our instruction is based around original curriculum and teaching materials we’ve developed through more than 60-years’ experience. We also offer realistic audio accompaniment developed exclusively for our lessons that you can play along with, like in live performances, and for home practice.

2. Yamaha Grade Examination

Yamaha Grade Examinations help you as a music learner to confirm your musical abilities and encourage you to gain well-rounded musical skills, so that you can fully enjoy creating and performing music.

3. Concert

We hold special presentations and events for each classroom and course as an opportunity for you to demonstrate the skills you’ve gained in the lessons. The pleasantly tense excitement of the performance and the sense of fulfillment it creates are invaluable.