Kokan Dimusevski


Kokan Dimusevski

Kokan Dimusevski born April 26, 1958 in Skopje – Macedonia, as he likes to refer to himself, be a Macedonian – born pianist turned keyboardist. He is unique among synthesizer players in two respects:

He uses combinations of synthesizers to simulate a one-man orchestra, and he strives to create original, electronically synthesized music that sounds acoustic. Since 1976 he has combined single-voice and a polyphonic (or multivoice) synthesizers to wave a fabric of nearly orchestral richness. The context for Dimusevski multikeyboard accomplishments has been LEB I SOL, a popular fusion band that Dimusevski co founded in 1976 . He tries to stay away from electronic sounds and go for natural sounds, instead. They don’t have to be known natural sounds. In many recordings he made for example, the sound isn’t one that’s known-you wouldn’t recognize it as anything else-but it is acoustic. It sounds like some kind of native instrument.

He doesn’t start out on paper to write music. He composes by improvising the melody and recorded. Then he will put it away of a few days before he start to listening again. After hearing it a dozen times, he improvises out an orchestration. If you’re going to orchestrate with eight-note chords, each voice making its own melody.

His music is very specific-emotionally colored, from very (ppp) music parts-to strong, fast and (fff) expression dynamic fields.

Dimusevski music readily embraces the tonal and even, according to the needs of the work, the conventionally “beautiful”, he has no compunction about shattering the beauty. It’s result of many years spent exploring a sound area.

Dimusevski explain his sound-worlds music with a new name: Private Music.