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Take your music to the edge - the RY9 will back you all the way

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The RY9 is a great sounding drum machine packed with killer grooves for any kind of music. Yet, more than a drum machine, the RY9 is a musician's best friend, loaded with outstanding features not available in conventional drum machines.
Features such as full bass and chord backing, as well as an exclusive guitar input for truly unique functions including guitar synthesizer, guitar tuner, and more! Whether you're a guitarist, composer, or even a DJ, you'll discover the RY9 gives you ultimate support for your music...and it will never show up late for a gig or be too tired to jam.


Dynamic Rhythm Patterns

Whether you're a heavy metal guitarist, a funk bassist or anything in between, the RY9 offers a diverse range of rhythm patterns to match your playing style. The 200 preset and 50 user patterns feature a full musical backup section, including Drum, Bass,...

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